Transformation Starts with a Map

We hear a lot about Digital Transformation these days. It seems that everyone has an initiative, a leadership mandate, or a team working on it. Corporate offices are full of presentations, videos, and buzzwords about the imperative for Digital Transformation. As a result, teams are busy working on implementation of major technology integration and enhancement projects.

But, true digital transformation requires a strategy, tactics, time, money, and new ways of organizing and working. It’s not just about the technologies we implement or the words we use. It’s about the actions we take. The failures we encounter. And the learning that transforms us.

In order for digital business initiatives to be truly transformative, they must involve technology (platforms), operating models (people), and more modern and efficient ways of working (process). All of these elements need to be implemented over time, coordinated in a way to deliver both short-term results and long-term reinvention of the way we work.

While complex, this transformation is necessary in order to maintain competitiveness, efficiency, and growth. When faced with an already overly busy work docket, it can be challenging to know where to start.

At Cimarron Winter, we’ve seen many business teams tackle this kind of herculean feat. Some have tactical plans, but the tactics may not ladder up to an overarching strategy, digital or otherwise. We hear from business leaders who struggle to keep up with the ever-changing world of web technology. And, we’ve seen their challenges in coordinating the myriad of teams required to plan and execute enterprise web projects.

When we work on digital strategy initiatives, we partner to create a strategic digital roadmap to guide transformation efforts. We build a multi-phased approach that, over 2-5 years, can reinvent the business. This roadmap becomes an important guide for prioritization, funding, resourcing, and decision-making for core marketing technology initiatives. Importantly, it includes not just achievable timelines for new technologies, it also includes an outline of the process and people impacts along the way. This ensures that your team not only has the best tools to use, but is positioned to optimize their use to drive your business.

Through our collaborative approach, our experienced team at Cimarron Winter can help reinvent your business to deliver transformational results, driven by digital. We know how to achieve short-term wins along the way to becoming an industry leader in marketing technology. And we’d like to help you get there. If you’re interested in learning more about digital roadmapping to deliver transformational results with Cimarron Winter, please contact us.