The New Workforce

After these first eight years of Cimarron Winter, I’m so honored to see our model grow and evolve. At our origin, we envisioned ourselves as a “lifestyle business” (does anyone say that anymore?), but we’ve grown, into that and so much more.

Our flexible structure allows our team to work in the way that feels right to them — whether that’s a little or a lot, from home or from the office, in any setting that enables them to do their best work. Our consultants take extensive global travel, spend time with family, and pursue educational and community involvement.

Meanwhile, our team-based approach assures that our clients’ needs are met. Whether it’s late-night calls with international division leads or weekend issue resolution, our consultants deliver.

This is the model we imagined when we started this place. We weren’t sure it would work. But we saw the space changing, as companies saw ever-increasing market demands. Industries continue to become more global, more integrated, and more dynamic. And we predicted there were digital experts who yearned to use their talents to make an impact, without sacrificing their passions.

So today, I look back on our strange little experiment and am so proud of what we’ve built. This is a place that — as we hear from our clients and our team alike — is different than any other. Cimarron Winter is a model that is built for the future of work. And I can’t wait to see where we go next.