What Makes a Beautiful Business?

I was recently asked to describe what makes a beautiful business. What an interesting question. At Cimarron Winter, we have created a unique and successful business that truly resonates with our teammates, customers, and families. We are a flat organization that works in pairs, trios, and full teams and we organize around the work. Titles are only meaningful if they describe the role that we’ll play on the project. We created a beautiful, calm, peaceful workspace that employees and clients can work in when they want to. But we don’t tell people they have to be there during certain hours, because we hire people who know what they should do and when they should do it. So they have the freedom to decide where to be, based on their mood and the work at hand.  

Attributes we value include intelligence, curiosity, humility, generosity, and empathy. And we pledge to come together with respect and humility as collaborators, learners, and leaders, focused on providing best-in-class services to our clients and partners, while creating memorable and meaningful experiences. 

Those are the things that make business beautiful for us every day. :)