Enterprise Globalization Strategies - Launching Websites Around the World

In the past few years we've been launching sites everywhere in the world. All over Europe. Korea, Japan, and India. Mexico, Brazil. UAE, Kenya, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand. 

The strategy for how to do this involves some key activities that can be aligned under the familiar People, Process, and Technology categories. And while you might think the technology component will be the toughest part, in truth, it is the people part that is the trickiest. Technology connectors, components, and translation vendor alignment is simply a matter of tasks and time. Processes around the use of these tools, and the workflows involved, are teachable. Where it gets challenging is when you need to manage a team in another country (and timezone), and this team may not speak English very well, and they probably don't have experience with complex, configurable content management systems like Sitecore or AEM. So working through cultural differences, language differences, and technology training can take a lot longer than one may think. Patience is critical. Writing everything down for your team is also helpful. And if you find that there are long gaps in between sentences when questions are being asked (and should be answered), this may be because everyone is on mute, but more likely is because your team doesn't understand you. One tip I've tried that seems to work is to pull up Evernote or a Google doc in a shared screen (remote meeting) and write what you are saying, as if you are taking notes and showing them. This can be enormously helpful, because people can often read a second language more quickly and easily than they can process it by ear.