Which comes first, the WCMS or the Integration Team Decision?

Web Content Management Systems (WCMS) are now, more than ever, a critical software centerpiece in the digital business ecosystem. Many companies have come to realize that the systems they are using today do not meet their needs at all and they are realizing that their older systems, whether home-grown or otherwise simply do not do all of the things they need to do to enable and support core business and marketing objectives.

For companies like ours, that’s good news. We have been in the trenches on many new CMS and redesign website projects and are increasingly getting the call to help with strategy, objectives, proper budgeting and roadmaps to enable the selection of a new CMS and design/integration team as well.

The question is, which should come first and what should the client team look like that will guide the best decision-making and ultimately the entire CMS install and redesign process?