Trust in Business Relationships

Today I was struck, once again, by one of those concepts that continually seems to reemerge: the dependence we place on trust in our business relationships. Because businesses are made up of humans. So, when there is trust, things happen. But when trust is missing, only two outcomes are possible: Either nothing gets done, or broken relationships are circumvented in favor of new ones. 

I see this dynamic time and time again. The more that cross-functional teams build trust, the more successful the project. And so, as a project lead, one of my primary roles is to foster trust, among all team members, and to notice - and act - when trust is eroding.

At Cimarron Winter, sometimes we are initially brought in to serve an advisory role. Perhaps our new client is at a crossroads and needs objective advice. Or there are vehement disagreements among internal staff about the right direction for the company, and we are able to provide a proven process for analysis and decision. In either case, we work to build trust both through human interactions and through a solid foundation of fact-based assessment and open communication. 

We are honored to be the trusted partners of our clients. We work to not only inform the business decisions, but to support and enhance the relationships among internal teams. As we approach our work as not just a set of skills, but a collaboration among humans, we foster trust while delivering project outcomes. And that is just good business.