Transformation Starts with a Map

We hear a lot about Digital Transformation these days. It seems that everyone has an initiative, a leadership mandate, or a team working on it. Corporate offices are full of presentations, videos, and buzzwords about the imperative for Digital Transformation. As a result, teams are busy working on implementation of major technology integration and enhancement projects.

But, true digital transformation requires a strategy, tactics, time, money, and new ways of organizing and working.

What Makes a Beautiful Business?

I was recently asked to describe what makes a beautiful business. What an interesting question. At Cimarron Winter, we have created a unique and successful business that truly resonates with our teammates, customers, and families. We are a flat organization that works in pairs, trios, and full teams and we organize around the work.

Enterprise Globalization Strategies - Launching Websites Around the World

In the past few years we've launched sites everywhere in the world. All over Europe. Korea, Japan, and India. Mexico, Brazil. UAE, Kenya, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand. The strategy for how to do this involves some key activities that can be aligned under the familiar People, Process, and Technology categories.

Brain Re-Boot

SXSW Interactive is our annual pilgrimage to Austin, Texas for a brain re-boot of all things emerging tech.  This is where we go to be part of a massively parallel process of learning, collaborating, observing, and ideating with digital people of all types during an intense 6 day period of collective consciousness. This year our list includes a healthy focus on the following: MedTech, Personal Health, Wearables, InsurTech, FinTech, IoT, IIoT, Smart Cities Technology and Projects. More to come! 

Trust in Business Relationships

Today I was struck, once again, by one of those concepts that continually seems to reemerge: the dependence we place on trust in our business relationships. Because businesses are made up of humans. So, when there is trust, things happen. But when trust is missing, only two outcomes are possible: Either nothing gets done, or broken relationships are circumvented in favor of new ones.